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Furniture-Plus Delemere 8 Seater Dining Set


Furniture-Plus Delemere 8 Seater Dining Set garden/thumbnails/delemere-1_800_600_160224040328.jpg

This classic garden furniture set is ideal for outdoor dining and entertaining.;The Delemere 8 Seater Dining Set is a premium set featuring a table, two benches and two armcharis. The whole Delemere range is manufactured from pressure treated timber to ensure it needs no further treatments and offers long lasting value. This is supported by a 15 year anti-rot guarantee. The classic garden table can comfortably accommodate 6 people. The top measures 90cm by 160cm, offering plenty of room for outdoor dining. Each bench has a generous 47cm depth and a 150cm width to comfortably hold 3 adults. The benches are contoured for extra comfort. Both chairs feature arms and traditional styling. The large contoured seats leave plenty of room for adding a cushion. Overall, this is a high quality, reliably durable and classically stylish garden furniture set.