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Frontgate 0.9 x 1m Hit and Miss Frontgate

Frontgate 0.9 x 1m Hit and Miss Frontgate

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This Hit and Miss frontgate is so versatile and has a range of uses. For example, this frontgate is perfect if you have a Hit and Miss fence, but need a way of accessing past the panels. Also, if you have two parts to your garden and need a through frontgate or you need a gate to keep animals in, this Hit and Miss frontgate is the perfect choice for you. The construction of this frontgate includes two solid timber side pieces to maintain the solid posture of the gate, and a steel bolt lock fixture (this is not supplied) to keep the gate shut when its not in use. Due to the alternating side timber pieces, this Hit and Miss gate provides low level privacy. This Hit and Miss frontgate is manufactured using high quality timber, meaning that the gate holds a long product life. The timber has been pressure treated against rot; and to ensure its great quality, the manufacture gives a 15 year guarantee. Once delivered, some small scale assembly will be required to build and fit the gate however following our instr…



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