Pent Garden Sheds

Fence Panels 0.9m High Heavy Duty Pressure Treated Pale Picket Panel


The pressure treated pale fencing on offer here produces a great garden division that keeps pets safe whilst sectioning off the garden. The pressure treated pale fencing is small in height and therefore is not used for traditional fencing but ideal at what its designed for. Manufactured using premium quality softwood timber which has been slow grown for increased durability. The timber has also been pressure treated as it creates a much stronger resistance towards rot for 15 years. Thanks to the pressure treatment you will receive a long lasting fence line that will section of the garden in the long term. Visibility in the garden still remains which is desired by our customers, especially ones who love there garden and take time to make it perfect. The pressure treated pale fencing is delivered pre-assembled and simply needs to be attached to fence posts, taking a matter of seconds.