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9×9 GardenStyle Barnsdale 19mm Log Cabin

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9×9 GardenStyle Barnsdale 19mm Log Cabin

The last in the range, this 9×9 Barnsdale Log Cabin is a sleek and impressive cabin that combines top materials with a carefully crafted design to produce the best seller. A definite top market contender, the Barnsdale cabin will impress all year round. The general timber used in the construction of the Barnsdale Log Cabin is a slow grown soft wood that has been selected thanks to its tough defence against the outside elements. The timber has stronger core layers thanks to the added time that the timber has been provided with in terms of growth and development. The timber is machine cut into the 19mm thick tongue and groove cladding which composes the walls, flooring and roof. The cladding is attached to the solid frame and this creates the tough build the cabin boasts. The apex roof is designed cleverly to keep rain running off instantly and efficiently and thanks to the roof felt, the timber will be safe from rain damage. Once inside, the flooring is strong enough to allow for a…