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911 x 13 Yardmaster Green Metal Shed 1013GEYZ+

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911 x 13 Yardmaster Green Metal Shed 1013GEYZ+ no text/thumbnails/1010geyz-with-floor-support-kit_800_600_150722032925.jpg

Precise dimensions: 911 x 13 (3.03×3.96m) 10×13 yardmaster metal shed, hot-dipped in galvanized steel cladding painted inside and out, of which has a manufacturers 12 year guarantee against rust! This model now includes zinc finish doors, gables and roof; however the GEYZ is the only Yardmaster building offering a dark green painted wall cladding. For a relatively long shed like this, it features two translucent roof panels to allow natural light into the rear area of the shed with the double sliding doors letting light into the front so your goods inside can be seen more easily. The lockable double sliding door, fitted on the inside enables you to store all of your valuables securely in a neatly designed shed. Other features include stainless steel rust-free screws, plus an anchor kit for fixing down the building to your base or paved area. These buildings are not supplied with a base. We recommend that you fix the shed down to a solid surface i.e. concrete, a paved area or …