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9 x 8 M&M Classic Hexagonal Timber Roof Gazeb

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9 x 8 M&M Classic Hexagonal Timber Roof Gazeb

A beautiful addition to any garden or outdoor space our 2.8m Timer Roof Gazebo is the perfect space for a spot of socialising and entertaining. Manufactured from the highest quality timber, this timber roof gazebo and deck base kit is an incredibly sturdy and durable structure that is sure to enhance your summer days. All of the timber that has been used has been pressure treated for increased longevity. This is a preservative forced into the timber that provides a 15 year manufacturer warranty against rot and fungal decay. The timber gazebo and deck base kits have three back panels that are solid in order to provide privacy whilst two balustrades with open top half panels combine further privacy with an open airy environment. With lots of accessories available with this stunning gazebo why not add a table or some seating in order to create the perfect entertaining area. Tough pressure treated timber has also been used to provide a quality durable base that is ideal for supportin…