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9″ Cut Lithium Ion Battery powered Trimmer

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9″ Cut Lithium Ion Battery powered Trimmer

The Grizzly ART-18 Li ion 18 V cordless grass-trimmer is powered by new Lithium-ion battery technology, which allows you to trim up to 1000 m on a single charge. These ultra-lightweight fast-charging batteries have no self-discharge and no memory effect, so out-perform conventional units on every level. The ART-18-Li ion uses an innovative and energy-saving 23 cm plastic-blade system for fast and accurate cutting. Its lightweight build (only 1.6 kg), telescopic shaft and ergonomic handle combine to make it comfortable to use and easy to handle; while the incorporation of a plant protector ensures you can work with confidence and precision. Edging work is no problem, as the cutter-head can be moved through 90 degrees. It also has the ability to become a hedge trimmer as the head can be changed with the simple twist of head and fitted with the Grizzly HSA 23 sold separately. With a 3 year guarantee and CE and TUV certification quality is assured.