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8×6 Shed-Plus Overlap Dip Treated Pent Shed

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8×6 Shed-Plus Overlap Dip Treated Pent Shed

The 8×6 Pent Overlap Shed is manufactured to a very high quality using a timber that has been chosen for its hardy qualities, creating a shed that is built to last. The 8×6 Pent Overlap Shed uses a pent roof which is a single OSB solid sheet board that is angled to make rain run off.Sitting on top of the roof is a black sand felt that protects your roof from rain damage. The roof fits to the strong timber frame that is responsible for holding the shed together. Slow grown European timber is saw cut into the overlap panels that are then fitted to the frame to provide the walls for your shed. Overlap cladding is perfect for offering you solid protection from rain and wind. As the panels overlap one another, they leave no space for rain to seep in. For flooring, a strong 8mm board stands on top of multiple pressure treated timbers which allows you to easily support your storage. The entire design means the shed creates a safe place to store tools, furniture as well as family bikes…