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8 x 5 Lifetime Heavy Duty Plastic Shed

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8 x 5 Lifetime Heavy Duty Plastic Shed

The 8×5 heavy duty plastic shed, is an apex roof model garden shed. It has been manufactured from a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) along with powder coated steel. This is the ideal solution for your outdoor storage where space is at a minimum, it will also provide attractiveness to the garden with its contrast in colour and house look. As this heavy duty plastic shed has an apex roof, it benefits when the rain pours on to it, the steeply sloping eaves allowed the water to drain off as soon as it makes contact, this is a great feature as you are sure to reduce any water damage to the shed. Another brilliant feature to this plastic shed is that its very low maintenance, no treatment needed at all unlike the wooden storage sheds, and to top it off it is UV-protected to prevent fading and cracks forming. To compliment these areas of quality you are given a minimum warranty of 10 years. These lifetime products are the highest specification heavy duty plastic sheds in the mark…