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8 x 13 Suncast New Tremont Two Apex Roof Shed

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8 x 13 Suncast New Tremont Two Apex Roof Shed

Our huge Tremont Suncast 8 x 13 shed is one of the largest and strongest plastic sheds we have to offer with a storage capacity of 714 cubic foot, and will suit any larger garden perfectly. This elegant shed has a vanilla colour frame, two stoney coloured doors and a slate style finish to the roof. This plastic shed will stand tall in any garden. Our Suncast 8 x 13 is built using blow moulded technology, the shed is created from steel reinforced double wall resin creating a very sturdy shed. The roof panels are reinforced with metal adding to the durable build. The roof is specially designed to compliment its stay dry design and the reinforced floor panels mean that this 714 cubic foot capacity shed can hold machinery as well as larger garden tools. Six Skylights in the roof allow for use at night or when light is limited. Storage of smaller tools/appliances could not be easier with the two corner shelving systems which can be placed in 8 different locations to suit individuals…