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7×7 GardenStyle Barnsdale 19mm Log Cabin

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7×7 GardenStyle Barnsdale 19mm Log Cabin

On offer here is the extremely attractive 7×7 Barnsdale Log cabin, a cabin that boasts a traditional British design and uses premium materials to ensure you receive maximum value for your money. The 7×7 Barnsdale Log Cabin will fit into gardens with even restricted space and offer attractive storage all year round as well as a space to sit and relax, taking in the precious summer sun. The cabin has been manufactured from a specific timber, one that has been sustainably sourced from European forests. The timber chosen, a pine soft wood has been provided with additional time to develop and therefore this creates a much stronger build that will remain tougher for longer. This provides you overall with more value as the cabin is guaranteed to reign champion over cheaper alternatives! 19mm thick tongue and groove cladding is used to create the entire cabin, even the roof and floor! On top of the roof you find the mineral roofing felt which keeps rain running off smooth and efficientl…