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7×5 Arbour-Plus Bordeaux Arbour

Arbour-Plus Garden Arbours

7×5 Arbour-Plus Bordeaux Arbour

The Bordeaux Arbour is a splendid garden feature that provides comfortable seating all year round as well as stunning visuals. This fantastic seated arbour has been carefully crafted to ensure that it lasts a long time, offering beauty for many years to come. To guarantee the Bordeaux Arbour lasting a long time, a top quality slow grown European timber has been chosen so that you are assured top value for your money. The timber has had been granted extra time to develop and this creates a stronger core and therefore a stronger Arbour. To protect the Bordeaux Arbour from damage such as rot and fungal decay, the pressure treatment process that the timber has received will create a solid defence against the above. The trellising that features around the framing of the arbour lets light and fresh air to flow through and creates an airy feeling to the garden. The back panels are sculpted so that seating is comfortable, especially with a few cushions. When it comes to building the Bo…