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6×8 Rion EcoGrow Green Greenhouse with Resin Fr


6×8 Rion EcoGrow Green Greenhouse with Resin Fr×8-18-x-24m-rion-ecogrow-green-greenhouse-with-resin-frame_800_600_150115073209.jpg

This barn-style 6×8 Rion greenhouse has a beautiful, and practical, design with its extra high eave heights. This building is perfect for the serious/professional gardener, but will suit anyone that doesnt want to take up a huge amount of room with their greenhouse. Manufactured using thick extruded resin with natural insulating properties. The polycarbonate used to construct this Rion greenhouse is virtually indestructible, making this a worthwhile purchase. 6mm glazed wall panels and a 4mm glazed roof gives your greenhouse natural light and heat from the sun and allows your plants to thrive in the best environment you can give them. Roof vent allows adequate air circulation for the interior. Easy push-n-fit assembly so you can start using your greenhouse almost straight away!