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6×8 Palram Harmony Silver Greenhouse – Clear Po


6×8 Palram Harmony Silver Greenhouse – Clear Po×8-18-x-24m-palram-harmony-silver-greenhouse-clear-polycarbonate-and-aluminum-with-base_800_600_150115124111.jpg

This Palram 6×8 greenhouse called the Harmony will offer a space to grow your garden essentials including vegetables and plants in harmony all year round. The 6×8 greenhouse has been cleverly designed to offer a premium build that is both long lasting and attractive to look at. The 6×8 greenhouse boasts a rust resistant aluminium frame that enables for long lasting use and has a sleek silver finish. The frame then holds space for the polycarbonate panels which slide into place and are made from a top quality plastic that is very hard to break. Plastic is used instead of glass as it reduces the weight but allows for 90% of sunlight in as well as preventing injury from smashed glass. The panels are very easy to clean and slide out easy which makes the 6×8 greenhouse easy to maintain and clean. On top of the roof you will find the vent panel which allows for fresh air to be let in on summer days. The 6×8 greenhouse also features a gutter system that allows you to collect and con…