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6×8 Palram Grey Skylight Shed sheds/thumbnails/palram-6×8-grey-skylight-shed-1_800_600_150911014807.jpg

The Skylight Shed 6×8 is a great sized storage shed that combines top materials with a fantastic design to make a unique garden building. Instead of traditional timber the shed is constructed from polycarbonate, a tough plastic that will assure you protection from even the harshest of weathers. The Skylight Shed 6×8 uses a unique roof that acts as a natural light source and eliminates the need for windows. This increases the security of the shed as your items are not visible and therefore you are less likely to be targeted by intruders. The skylight allows light to flow in and illuminate the interior giving it a bright and airy feel to it. The frame of the shed is made from special galvanised aluminium that is extremely robust and will keep the shed stable even in the harshest of winds. The polycarbonate is then fitted to the frame which creates the walls, floors and roof. The walls are designed to have a shiplap cladding theme which gives it a traditional feel without the need…