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6×6 Fence-Plus Acoustic Noise Reduction Fence Pan


6×6 Fence-Plus Acoustic Noise Reduction Fence Pan×6-acoustic-noise-reduction-fence-panel_800_600_170314021143.jpg

The 6×6 Acoustic Noise Reduction Fence Panel has our highest acoustic rating of 4, with up to 30dB noise reduction, reducing the average road noise down to just a normal conversation level. The noise reduction performance has been independently tested to British Standards BS EN 1793-2:2012 (Road traffic noise reducing devices) Category B3, BS EN ISO 10140-2 and ISO 717-1 the method used for measuring the airborne sound insulation. So you can be assured that it will deliver! The Triform Technology which creates multiple angles over the face of the panel, sounds waves are reflected, diffused and absorbed. With 17mm thick sturdy smooth planed tongue and grooved interlocking boards the panel can be fitted vertically or horizontally to accentuate either the length or height of the fence run depending on your personal style requirement. They are mounted encased in a robust 45mm thick rebated frame to ensure there are no gaps for noise to pass through. They also offer and an impressive…