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6×4 Shed-Plus Pressure Treated Overlap Reverse Ap

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6×4 Shed-Plus Pressure Treated Overlap Reverse Ap

This fantastic 6×4 Pressure Treated Overlap Reverse apex shed is a handy compact storage space for any size garden providing you with a place to store garden essentials. The 6×4 Pressure Treated Overlap shed has been designed following European requirements which ensure you with the most value for your money. The timber used is specially chosen for its fabulous quality and its attractive finish it offers. The 6×4 Pressure Treated Overlap; Resverse Apex Shed gets its amazing strength from the core frame which then the overlap cladding is then fitted too. Overlap cladding is a cheaper alternative to shiplap cladding however still offers premium protection when it comes to harsh weather. Another fantastic feature of this 6×4 Pressure Treated Overlap shed is that it has been pressure treated, a process that adds a tough level of protection to the timber and adds a 15-year protection to the timbers from rot and fungal decay. An apex roof is fitted to the walls of this shed a…