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6×4 Shed-Plus Apex Shiplap Shed

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6×4 Shed-Plus Apex Shiplap Shed×4-18x12m-shed-plus-apex-shiplap-shed_800_600_160122092348.jpg

If you are looking for a smaller outdoor storage solution, then look no further than this 6×4 Apex Shiplap Shed. Constructed using premium materials and a clever construction, the shiplap shed will become a long term feature to any garden offering great value for money. The 6×4 Apex Shiplap Shed has been manufactured to an extremely high quality to ensure that you are nothing but impressed with the shed. The timber has been chosen specifically for its outstanding quality and long lasting protection from the outside conditions. The timber is cut into the shiplap panels which are fitted to a thick 28mm framing that provides the shed with its core strength. The shiplap cladding interlocks together and creates a completely water resistant wall that gives you peace of mind throughout the year. The Apex roof is made from OSB sheet board which is strong enough to withstand heavy pressures from weather etc. The roof is then topped with a protective sand felt which protects the timber a…