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6×4″ Machine Round Pointed Stake

Post and Rail Fencing

6×4″ Machine Round Pointed Stake

The Machine Round Pointed Stake 6×4 is a clever designed DIY stake that will allow you to produce your very own fence line. Whether you are safe guarding animals or simply marking a boundary, the post allows you to create a solid fence. The Machine Round Pointed Stake has been produced using a superior timber that has been selected for its impressive quality. The timber has been slow grown which adds increased durability and reigns over cheaper alternatives. The timber is then pressure treated, a process that forces a preservative deep into the timber and this creates a fifteen year protection against rot and fungal decay, guaranteeing long lasting value. Using the Round Pointed Stakes is incredibly easy, simply place them into the ground using the stake end. Fitting the half rounded rails on the back is incredibly easy or even wire. However you choose to develop your fence you will be happy with the quality and ease of use that the Machine Round Pointed Stakes offer. As the nam…