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6×3 Store-Plus Pressure Treated Overlap Maxi Wa

Store-Plus Storage

6×3 Store-Plus Pressure Treated Overlap Maxi Wa

The compact size of our 6×3 pressure treated Maxi Store makes it the ideal choice for smaller gardens, whilst still providing plenty of storage for your equipment and tools. Also perfect for extra storage if your shed is full! The overlap construction gives the pressure treated Maxi Store a traditional rustic appearance, making it an attractive and practical addition to your garden. The felted pent roof gives excellent water run-off, making it ideal to be placed next to a wall or sturdy fence. Whilst the pressure treated bearers allow it to be put on any flat surface like a patio or decked area. The wide double doors make access simple and quick, they give the pressure treated Maxi store a smart and tidy appearance. The doors are constructed from shiplap interlocking boards with extra bracing to make them more durable, they can then be secured with a hasp and staple, although the pad lock will not be supplied to help keep your items secure. Being pressure treated gives the Maxi S…