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6×3 Palram Grey Skylight Shed

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6×3 Palram Grey Skylight Shed sheds/thumbnails/palram-6×3-grey-skylight-shed-1_800_600_150911014604.jpg

At 6×3, this Grey Skylight Shed 6×3 is a handy storage space for small time storage. Palram has created a unique design that utilises polycarbonate instead of timber or metal and therefore will not require traditional treatment, preventing costs from building up. The Skylight Shed 6×3 has a clever design that does not need bulky windows. Instead it uses a special skylight technology that is opaque and lets through light during the day preventing the need for potentially dangerous electric lights. Due to it having no windows, you are less likely to be targeted by intruders, reducing the chance of distress in the future. The Skylight Shed 6×3 is made from two core materials, a galvanised aluminium frame and then polycarbonate to create the walls, roof and flooring. The polycarbonate is UV stable so you do not see the fading and cracking some plastics get over age. Polycarbonate is fantastic as it leaves no chance for weather to enter keeping your items protected even in harsh rai…