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6×3″ Machine Round Pointed Stake

Post and Rail Fencing

6×3″ Machine Round Pointed Stake

These Machine Rounded Stakes are a great value post that will remain strong for years to come. If you are looking at building your own fence line than this stake is ideal for you. The Machine Round Pointed Stake has been manufactured from a slow grown European softwood which has been pressure treated also. This process creates a fifteen year protection against rot and other harmful damage to the timber. Therefore, this stake is a great choice as it will provide you long lasting fencing at a great price. The Machine Round Pointed Stake has been machine cut as the name suggests which gives it an accurate and soft finish, each and every time. The post is stuck into the ground using the handy spike and is extremely rigid. Attaching the fence railings is incredibly easy and once established it is a solid fence line that marks boundaries in large outdoor areas and also is great for keeping animals at bay. The rustic charm that the Machine Round Pointed stake provides is a bonus and we …