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6×14 Palram Harmony Silver Greenhouse – Clear P


6×14 Palram Harmony Silver Greenhouse – Clear P×14-18-x-42m-palram-harmony-silver-greenhouse-clear-polycarbonate-and-aluminum-with-base_800_600_150115014025.jpg

These amazing 6×14 Palram Harmony greenhouses are a leading market contender this season, receiving constant top feedback. The 6×14 Palram Harmony greenhouses have been cleverly designed to produce a solid design that is long lasting and adds attraction to the garden. The frame is composed from a heavy rust resistant aluminium frame that is very tough and will last a long time. In between the frames you find slots that the polycarbonate panels slide in and fit perfectly to create the greenhouses growing conditions. The polycarbonate is virtually indestructible and is super easy to clean giving you the best of both worlds. The base is made from again galvanised aluminium panelling and this adds increased support and also stops weather from sneaking in. The front door opens wide and features a magnetic lock to secure the door shut when not in use. Other handy features of these 6×14 Palram Harmony greenhouses have both a gutter and roof vent system and together increase the use of …