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6×12 Palram Grey Skylight Shed

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6×12 Palram Grey Skylight Shed sheds/thumbnails/palram-6×12-grey-skylight-shed-1_800_600_150911015103.jpg

This impressive Grey Skylight Shed 6×12 is a worthy investment for anyone who desires large scale garden storage at an unbelievable price. The shed will never require treatment as would a traditional shed, instead provides years of safe and secure storage whilst maintaining an attractive design. The Skylight Shed 6×12 has a unique style roof, a skylight is used which removes the need for any bulky windows. The skylight allows light to pass through and illuminate the interior whilst preventing visuals in, greatly reducing the chance that your shed is targeted by low life intruders. The shed is constructed to a very high level using materials that have been specifically chosen for its production. To start off, a core galvanised aluminium frame is used to provide you with strength and stability. This is then combined with the special polycarbonate panels that are great at what they do. The panels will allow the shed to be completely waterproof and no weather is able to enter your s…