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6×12 Palram Amber Skylight Shed

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6×12 Palram Amber Skylight Shed×12-palram-amber-skylight-1_800_600_150911015254.jpg

The Amber Skylight Shed 6×12 is a huge garden storage shed that is manufactured from amazing materials using an impressive design to assure you both quality and long lasting happiness. Whatever you decide to store in your shed, there is plenty of space inside that is guaranteed to remain dry even in the worst of weathers. The Amber Skylight Shed 6×12 is the largest of its size, providing you with secure storage space that is 100% weatherproof. The shed has a unique design thanks to the Skylight that is used to create the natural light point of this shed. Instead of a standard separate roof and windows, the skylight combines the two giving an opaque roof that stops visuals inside but lets natural light pass through. The rest of the shed is constructed from a mixture of aluminium and polycarbonate, a tough blend that assures you long lasting value. The frame means your shed stays strong and robust whilst the polycarbonate gives the 100% weatherproof guarantee meaning all your it…