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6×10 Rion EcoGrow Green Greenhouse with Resin Fra


6×10 Rion EcoGrow Green Greenhouse with Resin Fra×10-18-x-3m-rion-ecogrow-green-greenhouse-with-resin-frame_800_600_150115074155.jpg

These Rion greenhouses come in a range of sizes, but this particular greenhouse is 6×10. This EcoGrown Rion greenhouse is great for a serious gardener who has limited space. Although it is one of the smaller greenhouses, it has been designed so that it has a functional purpose and gives enough height through the heightened eaves. The Rion greenhouses are also extremely robust. They have thick extruded resin frames which not only have a long lasting lifetime, but they are also great natural insulators. Twin Wall glazing has also been used, manufactured from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate panels, maintaining great safety and heat insulation. This product is also extremely easy to put together as it has been designed with push-n-fit resin connectors, allowing a real snap and go assembly.