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6×10 Palram Harmony Silver Greenhouse – Clear Pol


6×10 Palram Harmony Silver Greenhouse – Clear Pol×10-18-x-3m-palram-harmony-silver-greenhouse-clear-polycarbonate-and-aluminum-with-base_800_600_150115125557.jpg

This is the 6×10 Palram Harmony greenhouse, a best seller this season thanks to its great design and attractive visuals. The greenhouse is a great size and will fit into larger gardens with great ease offering optimum growing conditions that ensures healthy plants. The frame is manufactured from aluminium which ensures a strong and sturdy build and is rust resistant meaning you have peace of mind that the greenhouse is long lasting. The aluminium frame is filled with polycarbonate panels which are extremely durable and are easily removed in order for you to clean and replace in case the worst happens. The fantastic design of this 6×10 Palram Harmony greenhouse has a gutter system which means you can collect and recycle the rain water that falls off the roof. Another great feature is the roof vent which can be opened on warm days which allows for fresh air to flow in and contain the growing conditions. To get inside the 6×10 Palram Harmony greenhouse you have the front single door…