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6×10 Palram Grey Skylight Shed sheds/thumbnails/palram-6×10-grey-skylight-shed-1_800_600_150911014945.jpg

This attractive garden shed from Palram combines a unique design with premium materials to create a storage space that not only guarantees safety but for a long time too. The Skylight Shed 6×10 sizes in at 6×10 and delivers plenty of space for whatever you desire to store inside. The Skylight Shed 6×10 is designed to stand out from the standard shed. Instead of a traditional design you find that it has a skylight, a large plastic opaque roof that does not allow in any weather or visuals but does let in natural light. This means the inside of the shed is illuminated from the suns rays without the need for windows or glass doors. This means your items are not on show and therefore you are less likely to be targeted by thieves. To build the shed a mixture of plastic and metals is used. The core stability is thanks to the Galvanised aluminium frame that is rust resistant and extremely durable. A polycarbonate blend is then used to create your walls, roof and flooring, all of which…