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61 x 79 Palram Amber 68 Skylight Shed

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61 x 79 Palram Amber 68 Skylight Shed

These Palram skylight sheds are ideal, they have lots of great features and a 10 year warranty. The 10 years are guaranteed due to the strong sturdy build of the shed. It has been constructed with polycarbonate panels and a metal frame to support this. The roof panels on this structure are able to transmit the natural light. You will be supplied with flooring for the inside of your building, this is an anti-slip floor. You will be able to secure your belongings in this building with the lockable latch you are provided with on the double doors. These doors have also got the metal framework around the plastic to ensure that they are strong. There is a lot of potential with these Palram skylight sheds, you are able to wash them without it resulting with peeling/chipped appearance, no rotting and no rust forms.