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61 x 5 Palram Amber 65 Skylight Shed

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61 x 5 Palram Amber 65 Skylight Shed

Our Palram skylight shed has lots of features to benefit you and your garden belongings, storage can be made easy and affordable. With this specific palram skylight shed, the double door access feature can become quite handy when you need to manoeuvre items in and out of the shed. The building is braced with metal framing (aluminium) to support and protect the polycarbonate panels that it had been manufactured with throughout. The doors have the security feature of a lockable latch on the opening (padlock not provided). Our Palram skylight shed is supplied with an anti-slip flooring to base the inside of your building. The polycarbonate panels are a high impact and hail resistant material, ideal for the outdoor storage solution. All of these features build up to together to make the 61 x 54 Palram Skylight Shed.