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6 x 2 Furniture-Plus Refectory Table

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6 x 2 Furniture-Plus Refectory Table

Our 1.8m refectory table is a sleek piece of occasional furniture, suiting the summer months splendidly. This 1.8m refectory table is large enough to fit the entire family for a BBQ or just an outside meal. You will not have to worry about the table rocking or breaking due to its design, manufactured using a European slow grown softwood that has then been pressure treated. This forces a preservative into the timber and means that tough resistance is delivered, making this 1.8m refectory table a long lasting piece of furniture. The pressure treatment process guarantees fifteen years minimum protection against timber rot and other weathering damage including fungal build up. Alongside the extra value for your money, you do not need to treat the 1.8m refectory table meaning you save money from treatment as well as your valuable time. When the table is delivered, all of the fixtures are supplied as well as guided instructions to enable a smooth and hassle free build. To complete th…