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5×5″ Machine Round Bollard with Chamfer Top

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5×5″ Machine Round Bollard with Chamfer Top

This Machine Round Bollard is an attractive timber post that will look great anywhere in the garden. The Bollard can highlight entrances or exits and is great for car parks etc. The Machine Round Bollard has been constructed from a slow grown timber that has been given extra time to mature. This extra length means the bollard is much stronger in comparison to cheaper timbers. The manufacturer has gone even further to create resistance towards outdoor damage. Pressure treatment is a process that forces a preservative deep into the timber that creates protection for no less than fifteen years from rot and fungal damage. This means that your bollard promises top value and will remain tough for years to come. Placing the Machine Round Bollard into the ground is extremely simple and once placed it will offer many of uses. The chamfered top adds a lovely finishing touch to the bollard and at 5ft high it can offer low level security. As the name suggests the bollards are machine round…