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5 x 7 Windsor Modular Shiplap Windowless Shed

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5 x 7 Windsor Modular Shiplap Windowless Shed

Our 5×7 shiplap garden shed offers excellent value for money. This handy shed is designed to offer a large storage capacity without taking up too much space in your garden, and its windowless design makes it perfect for keeping your belongings out of view, which reduces the risk of theft and break ins. It is constructed from high quality 12mm tongue and groove shiplap cladding giving the shed a strong exterior, easily withstanding harsher weather months. Both the roof and floor on this 5×7 shiplap garden shed are made using solid sheet board adding to the sound structure. Mineral felt is provided to cover the roof which allows for water surface run off, preventing water damage. Large double doors on the 7ft side of this shed provide easy access in and out, and the doors can be secured shut using the turn buttons provided. You will be surprised how easy it is to build our 5×7 shiplap garden sheds, following the simple instruction guide. This shed comes with a 10 year anti rot gua…