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5 x 3 Windsor Shiplap Pent Mower Store

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5 x 3 Windsor Shiplap Pent Mower Store

Our 5×3 Windsor Shiplap Pent Mower store is an excellent solution for securely storing your mower as well as other garden tools when garden space is minimal, keeping your garden tidy. Constructed from interlocking 12mm shiplap cladding this 5×3 garden tool store is extremely strong and robust, capable of withstanding all weather conditions. The floor is made using solid sheet board meaning storage of heavier items is easy. The roof of our 5×3 garden tool store is also constructed from solid sheet board and is styled in a pent design meaning slightly taller tools can be stored with great ease, proving that this mower store is an all round great storage area. The pent design also allows for fast and efficient water run off during rainy periods. Designed with every customer in mind, the double doors have been widened to add ease when storing larger tools such as mowers/strimmers etc and features a pad bolt lock keeping the doors securely shut. The timber used for this 5×3 garden …