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This Skylight shed 4×6 is a great addition to any garden space offering safe and secure storage for smaller tools and frequently used items. The shed is perfect for tables and chairs and patio furniture too. The Skylight shed 4×6 has a clever construction, designed to provide you with long lasting value. The core stability is provided thanks to the aluminium frame that has been used by the manufacturer. This frame is then topped with the polycarbonate panels which are 100% weatherproof as well as being virtually unbreakable. Combined they create a shed which will never rot, never rust and will never crack or fade as the polycarbonate has been treated to be UV Stable. Therefore, your shed requires very low maintenance, a simple wipe down to clean any dirt that may form over the years. The roof is made from the same construction and therefore weather simply runs off the roof giving you peace of mind that your items are safe even in the worst of weathers. Inside the PVC floor has a…