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4×5″ Machine Round Bollard with Chamfer Top

Post and Rail Fencing

4×5″ Machine Round Bollard with Chamfer Top

The Bollards on offer here are an incredibly attractive post that is easily fitted and allows you to create your own fence line. The Bollards are ideal for outlining entrance and exits. The Machine Round Bollard with Chamfer Top is a fantastic size and has been constructed from premium timber. A slow grown softwood has been chosen to create the bollards which is much more durable than the standard cheaper timber. As the name suggests the bollards have been machine rounded and this produces an accurate and impressive finish. The timber has even been pressure treated by the manufacturer, a process that implements a preservative deep into the timber that creates a tough defence against all forms of rot for no less than fifteen years. The Chamfered top adds an attractive finish to these bollards and once established will compliment any outdoor space. Another ideal use for these Machine Round Bollards is to create boundaries for example car parks and with the construction, you are as…