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48 x 32 Windsor Overlap Mower Store

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48 x 32 Windsor Overlap Mower Store

The Overlap Mower Store from the Windsor Garden Storage range. The Overlap Mower Store is the ideal home to store smaller mowers, garden tools and other garden accessories away and hidden from view. This low-cost garden storage unit offers great potential to store a multitude of garden items due the provision of wide double doors that offer easy front access. Yet, all this is available within a footprint of only 48 x 32; ideal where space is at a premium. This Overlap Mower Store has a sloping pent roof and is supplied complete with a 42 (1.27m) high x 311 (1.20m) wide double door, secured with padbolt (padlock not supplied). Another key benefit is the free basecoat treatment (applied at works). Specifications include OSB solid sheet (resin board, similar to chipboard) to the roof and floor, with 8mm overlap cladding upon a 28 x 28mm framing to the walls. Supplied basecoat treated in a primer coat of timber treatment at the factory, which should be refreshed after assembly and annu…