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4 x 61 Palram Amber 46 Skylight Shed

Plastic Sheds

4 x 61 Palram Amber 46 Skylight Shed

These Palram sheds are all-round brilliant buildings; they have so much to offer to the garden. It is built up with lots of features, creating the ideal storage area for your items to be kept dry and secure. It is has been manufactured with high impact and hail resistant polycarbonate panels with aluminium framing giving that extra support feature and sturdiness. The skylight roof panels are able to transmit natural sunlight making it very light inside. Our Palram sheds are supplied with non-slip flooring to ensure items can be moved in and out easily. Luckily for you, these sheds are maintenance free, you are able to wash them and it will not cause rust, rotting or peeling. The doors are also surrounded with the aluminium frame for support and include a lockable latch (padlock not supplied) for a smooth opening, offering safety.