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4 x 6 Windsor Bluebell Tower Playhouse and Slide

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4 x 6 Windsor Bluebell Tower Playhouse and Slide

This Wooden Bluebell Tower and Slide playhouse is an excellent way of getting the children out in the summer, giving them plenty of fresh air. The playhouse certainly is one of the most attractive we have seen and meets all EU regulations creating a safe atmosphere to play in. The Wooden playhouse with slide is created from a solid timber frame which a 12mm tongue and groove cladding sits upon. This gives the playhouse an overall tough build that is resistant to all types of weather damage. The Wooden Bluebell playhouse with slide has an apex roof made from OSB board and has roofing mineral felting which stops any rain damage as well as any keeping the playhouse dry. The OSB flooring makes the playhouse floor safe for multiple users without the fear of any collapses. The playhouse has three cottage style windows situated around the sides and instead of using glass, a styrene substitute is used to prevent any injury from broken glass. However the styrene allows in light and allows …