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3×4″ Fence-Plus Knee Rail Post with Top Scallop

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3×4″ Fence-Plus Knee Rail Post with Top Scallop

The Knee Rail Post on offer here is an extremely clever post that will allow you to create an outside boundary really easily. The Knee Rail Post is perfect for large areas to mark out designated areas and is fantastic value. The rail is constructed from premium slow grown softwood which has been chosen for its excellent properties. The timber has been granted extra time to develop and therefore is much more durable than standard timber. Even further to this the timber has been pressure treated so that your post has serious protection from damage inclluding rot and fungal decay. This assures you a long lasting fence line for amazing value. The Knee rail post has been designed with a top scallop so that a rail can easily fit on the top and be stable without hassle. To fit the Knee Rail simply slip into the ground and it will remain stable.