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36 x 36 Grow-Plus Wooden Composter Extension Kit (1.06×1.06


36 x 36 Grow-Plus Wooden Composter Extension Kit (1.06×1.06

For the extending of the Slot Down Compost Bin, we present the Grow-Plus Slot Down Composter Extension Kit. This practical product incorporates an innovative design whereby your composting needs can now be extended to suit a spectrum of requirements. Whether these be marginally more than the average gardener or for composting on a much grander scale, this adaptable item provides a more than suitable solution. The simple but effective slot down design allows you to extend your composting to an unlimited row of 1m square wooden compost bins. These are also easily disassembled if need be, and can be doubled up as useful storage for an array of garden accessories. These Composter Extension Kits are quality assured with a 15 year anti-rot guarantee. Supplied with full instructions, each kit includes two posts and 3 sides. Only one extension kit included per pack.