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3 x 2 Plant-Plus Devon Table Planter


3 x 2 Plant-Plus Devon Table Planter

Forget bending down to tend to your herbs, vegetables or flowers, treat yourself to our tall Devon table planter. With a height of 87cm, this planter is perfect to place on a patio or even under a window sill. This Devon table planter is a great choice when it comes to producing outdoor flower arrangements and is manufactured from premium materials to guarantee you value for money. The timber used in the process of producing the planter has been specifically selected due to its solid strength and defence against rot. Further to this, a pressure treatment has been added to the wood which forces a preservative deep into the core of the timber which will protect and defend from rot, all year round. With this treatment there is no need for you to treat the planter year in and out which will save costs and time. Another great advantage of this planter is that although the planter is made from solid wood, it can be easily manoeuvred around the garden or even patio/decking. The deep tr…