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21×15 Palmako Sandra 70mm Log Cabin

Log Cabins

21×15 Palmako Sandra 70mm Log Cabin

The Sandra log cabin has a great many features to offer.; With a huge inside space and mulitple rooms, this;cabin could be a home gym, garden office, overnight accommodation or simply a summerhouse in which to entertain and relax. There is even a small sheltered terrace area that can house a small table or bench or is an ideal place for a BBQ.; The cabin is manufactured to meet Palmakos extremely high standards to result in a most impressive;garden buildking.; The Sandra is manufactured Nordic Pine, chosen for is hardy qualities.;The timber is chalet cut to create a tight fitting;tongue and groove cladding.;This is used for the floor, walls and;roof to create a weatherproof, robust construction. In comparison to;most other cabins, this build makes a more durable and weather tight building.;; Beneath the cabin pressure treated floor joists elevate the building and keep the floor from rotting. The boards that create the t…