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20×10 Palmako Marseille 2 28mm Log Cabin

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20×10 Palmako Marseille 2 28mm Log Cabin

The Marseille 2 3,0 is an ideal cabin if you are looking for an outdoor building that combines storage or work space with a sheltered area that can become a space for dining or outdoor crafts. The Marseille 2 3,0 is manufactured using top of the range materials to provide you with top quality build. Nordic pine is cut into chalet cut timbers that provide tighter fit when it comes to the interlocking tongue and groove panels. The tongue and groove cladding is used for all the walls and the flooring; therefore the cabin boasts a brilliant build. The flooring is strong enough for you to store heavy storage and even furnish the inside. Underneath the cabin are the base lengths that are pressure treated and this stops any stability issues and prevents rotting to the floor. To get inside the storage section of the Marseille 2 3.0 you have a set of wide double doors which can be latched open and also locked when needed, offering security to the cabin. The doors are glazed with a premi…