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18×10 Palmako Marseille 1 28mm Log Cabin

Log Cabins

18×10 Palmako Marseille 1 28mm Log Cabin

The Marseille 1 VK 3,0 is a well crafted cabin that combines inside space with a sheltered outdoor space, ideal for furniture or vehicle storage. The inside space is large enough for relaxing and also other uses such as a workshop, office or gym space. The cabin will offer use for years to come and is a long lasting addition to any garden. Thanks to the top materials that Palmako source in the construction of the Marseille 1 VK 3,0 , you receive a building that can withstand all types of weather. The Nordic spruce used is cut into a chalet cut timber that interlocks much tighter and provides a stronger resistance to weather. The cabin is 100% weatherproof and therefore you can store and furnish with peace of mind. The flooring is also made from tongue and groove cladding which enforces the strong build and overall it is one of the most stable buildings we have seen. Another advantage of tongue and groove cladding is that it is easily maintained and painted allowing you to persona…