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17 Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

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17 Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

Telescopic Hedge Trimmer by Grizzly. Grizzly have developed two long reach electric hedge trimmers to assist those of you often found struggling at the top of an unsteady ladder attempting to trim along the top of tall hedges in your garden. Both machines are equipped with loop handles and shoulder straps to provide full operating comfort. To prevent damaging the electric cable fixing a clever cable strain relief system is employed. The full EHS 550 T Electric Telescopic Hedge trimmer, powered with a 550 Watt motor is ideal for anyone with very tall or difficult to reach areas of hedgerow. An overall length of 2.4 meters gives you access to all areas while the 135 degrees adjustable cutting blade (45c m in length) and adjustable 180 degree handle allows you complete flexibility in use. A total weight of only 3.9 kg makes the Grizzly EHS 550 T Electric Telescopic Hedge trimmer a practical tool for owners of small to medium size gardens. Grizzlys normal 3 year guarantee is also a …