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17″ Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer

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17″ Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer

Thanks to Grizzlys new Lithium-Ion Battery technology, the Grizzly AHS-18-Li ion 18v Cordless Hedge trimmer offers performance levels comparable to those of similar corded tools and will run for 50 minutes on a single charge. These ultra-lightweight batteries are around half the weight of conventional batteries and have no-self discharge and no memory effect so they are always ready to use. They also offer considerably faster charge-times of around an hour. The AHS-18-Li ion is a robust tool which utilises its 51cm laser-cut diamond-ground blades to provide a clean, precise finish and it has 15mm tooth-spacing, which means even thick, woody hedges will not prove a problem; while its lightweight build (just 2.2 kg), optimised centre-of-gravity and ergonomic soft-grip handle make it exceptionally comfortable and easy to control. With a 3 year guarantee and CE and TUV certification quality is assured.