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12×32 Olympian Anthracite Metal Garage

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The striking Emerald Olympian Anthracite Garage 12×32 provides ideal storage for vehicles, whilst allowing extra room for a variety of other items. Emerald Garages are high specification, light clad metal buildings that provide reliable and durable storage. This premium metal garage is manufactured from high quality, hot-dipped galvanised steel throughout and finished with powder coated paint to provide a long-lasting, maintenance free lifespan. The heavy metal framework ensures a robust outdoor building which will not crack or warp. This excellent build is supported by a 10 year non-perforation guarantee for a long, rust-free life. Finished in stylish anthracite grey with white detailing, the garage is an impressive outdoor building. The roll up-and-over main door creates easy access for cars and a personal access door provides another convenient entry point. These doors are also fully lockable to offer maximum security. A generous wall height provides better storage for taller…


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