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122 x 183cm Arley Trellis


122 x 183cm Arley Trellis

The open style of these trellis fence panels means you are not given a great amount of privacy from them, but they are perfect as a garden divide or to be mounted on a all to grow climbing plants on. Trellis is the perfect thing to use as a frame for your climbing plant life. A dip-treatment has been applied to the wood in the factory which gives you 10-year guarantee against rot and fungal damage! We recommend applying a waterproof stain to your trellis fence panels on arrival, then once a year after that, to help preserve the wood as best you can. Hole Size: 163 x 161mm. Available in other sizes: 30 x 183cm (11.8 x 6ft), 61 x 183cm (2ft x 6ft), 91 x 183cm (3ft x 6ft) and 183 x 183cm (6ft x 6ft)