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11×8 Windsor Delamere19mm Log Cabin

Outdoor Living

11×8 Windsor Delamere19mm Log Cabin×8-35x24m-windsor-delamere19mm-log-cabin1_800_600_170510094610.jpg

The 3.5m x 2.4m 19mm Log Cabin is a multi-purpose outdoor building that ensures a comfortable summerhouse retreat for quiet relaxation and a closed storage area to keep all the essential garden tools safely tucked away. Constructed from 19mm tongue and groove, the machined logs provide a smooth, authentic chalet style design. The floor is durable 19mm tongue and groove, well-known for its strength and weather-resistance, providing a strong base. The pent roof is also 19mm tongue and groove, completing the robust build, finished in heavy duty mineral felt. Entrance to the summerhouse is through double doors, with single glazing and a lock and key for added security. Once inside the interior further natural light and ventilation are provided by the side window. All glazing is single sheet safety glass, which conforms to BS EN 12600 and BS EN 1279, ensuring increased resistance to mechanical and thermal stress, whilst providing energy savings, sound reduction and clear vision. The …